Wednesday, 31 July 2019

British Music Experience 3/4/19

British Music Experience
Cunard Building,
Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1DS, United Kingdom

Objective/Brief- Raising Awareness For Bloodwise

The British Music Experience provided a lot of opportunities to raise awareness for The  Bloodwise Charity, formerly known as Leukaemia And Lymphoma Research. Liverpool is a popular City, The Cunard Building is of great Historical significance in Liverpool and most importantly using music as a theme will raise a lot of awareness. Peoples lives all have been shaped by an individual soundtrack made from a variety of audio and visual forms, 
because of music.


My restrictions were that I could not use flash, with no tripod and I had to rely on available light, to gain optimum results.   
A wide aperture that allows more light into the camera was used combined with a higher iso number created more sensitivity for each picture taken.
Iso numbers ranged from 400-3200
Noise reduction techniques were used in processing images.

Reflections were reduced at the processing stage, a technique known as “burning in”, was used to make parts of the image darker.
Another technique used known as cloning was applied ie were there was a reflection, the reflection was matched/taken away with a nearby colour or background.

The Camera used was Canon Power Shot G7 Mark II

Skiffle Music

Billy Fury

Music Through The Decades Depicted On TV Screens

Sir Cliff Richard



David Bowie

Just Above A Display Window Paying homage to David Bowie, outfits,

Album cover “Diamond Dogs”, Newspaper cuttings and posters.


The Spice Girls

Live Aid / Band Aid

Boy George
Spandau Ballet

The Wall Exhibit 
The Brit Awards

Below is the main exhibit paying homage to The Brit Awards, 
the photographs that follow are from the individual subject matters close up in glass casing.