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Liverpools Dream Giant Spectacular 2018

Liverpools Dream - Giant Spectacular 2018

Dates of Event:- 4th October – 7th October 2018

Actual Photographs taken:- From 5th October – 7th October

Taken by ©David Lydiate @liverfocus Supporter Of @Bloodwise_uk  
@Bloodwise_north The Charity Formerly Known As Known As Leukaemia And Lymphoma Research #BeatBloodCancer

Little Boy Giant

Little Girl Giant

The Giant

Xolo The Dog


From The moment the Giants first appeared in Liverpool in 2012, the city was hooked.

It was the start of a six year journey which would see the Giants, effectively become like “The very best of friends from overseas” to the people of Liverpool.

The mass crowds have created a special atmosphere in the city each time the giants have visited, these crowds in the city were amazing and gave my photographs added impact, that summed up the scale of this event.

Royal de Luxe the company who were behind the Giants, led by founder and  Artistic director Jean-Luc Courcoult took the city of Liverpool to their hearts and refereed to Liverpool as “Their second home”

Two centuries inspired the earlier visits of the Giants -  the anniversary of the sinking of the titanic in 2012 and the outbreak of the First World War in 2014.   

In 2018 4 – 7th October the Giants returned to Liverpool by popular demand – “Liverpools Dream” they also visited Wirral (not photographed here due to fatigue).

On 5th October I listened to Radio Merseyside to children chanting “We want OUR Giant!”

The above paragraph consists of my own words and material from sources as stated below

Sources:-” Liverpool’s Dream” Leaflet GIANTSPECTACULAR.COM

Quote “We Want Our Giant” BBC Radio Merseyside 5/10/18

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Little Girl Giant Makes a surprise appearance on the final day of the event,  
to the delight of The Liverpool Crowds

Royal de Luxe
Royal de Luxe is a company made up of talented actors, engineers, inventors, technicians, metal workers wood-workers and poets led by founder and Artistic Director Jean-Luc Courcoult. Founded in 1979, and now based in Nantes, they are recognized across the world for pioneering new forms of Street theatre. Royal de Luxe is acknowledged as a National Company by the French Ministry of culture.

Sources:-” Liverpool’s Dream” Leaflet GIANTSPECTACULAR.COM

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Experts From Royal de Luxe Operate Xolo The Dog 

 The Purpose Of My Photography

Photographs taken By And Copyright Holder ©David Lydiate
I use my photography to raise awareness for #Bloodwise_uk ONLY.

Bloodwise is the charity formerly known as Leukaemia And Lymphoma Research

I was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Myeloid Leukaemia twice, I have been in remission for a second time since 2007 (11 years).

My photography is my way of “giving something back” after all the life saving treatment given to me.

I raise awareness for Bloodwise with my photography via tagging on social media.

The popularity of the Giants was the perfect opportunity to do this.
Should any mass media, retail outlet or street trader want to publish or sell these  images please contact and can people please print the hash tag #Bloodwise_uk if sharing, thank you for the interest in my work.
#Bloodwise_uk @Bloodwise_uk @Bloodwise_north #BeatBloodCancer

Angle Of View

All my photographs were taken looking through a room window at The Hilton Hotel, Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool. 
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View From Window @hiltonliverpool

Information And Content

Oh What An Atmosphere!

I wanted pictures which summed up how the mass crowds generated an incredible atmosphere who visited the city to watch The Giants. 
The number of people that came to Liverpool rose to 1million in just four days. 

Crowds Fill Liverpool's Strand In Anticipation Before Proceedings Begin (Vertical Image) and greet Xolo The Dog by Q Carpark In The Middle Ground/Distance ( Just Below)

The Giant Walks Walks On Strand Street Surrounded By Crowds

Little Boy Giant Crowds On Strand Street

Crowds Taking Photographs Of Xolo The Dog

Both Giants Are Lifted By Cranes To The Amazement Of The Crowds

My Own reaction – Turning Fantasy Into Reality

The life-like expressions, agility and artistry of these Giants created by Royal de Luxe  was such a fascination it made “you” “forget” that they were actually man made and had to be operated, as this magnificent concept unfolded before people’s eyes, throughout the mass crowds in Liverpool!

The Giant - With Each Glance, "you" would think "Are These Real?!", Crowds look up In Admiration 

The Giant Walking On Strand Street Framed By Q Car Park Right Canning Dock Left

Little Boy Giant Lifted Amongst Crowds Strand Street

“An Artist And His Work”  
Xolo Dog Turns Towards Crowds, 
Artistic Director Of Royal de Luxe Jean-Luc Courcoult,
left of frame. 
Just below Is A Closer Composition Of The Image

Xolo The Dog Continues To Amuse

Elements Of Inspiration

On dry land, water, carried on top of lorry containers and in the air, the Giants continued to surprise the mass crowds who gathered to watch the drama unfold.

The Giant Glances As He Sails On His Raft In The Canning Dock

The Giant Is Lifted From His Raft By The Pumphouse, Albert Dock

Little Boy Giant Travelling On Lorry Container Inside A Large Shoe

Xolo The Dog Continues To Excite The Crowd Who Clamour For His Attention

Little Girl Giant Lifted By Crane Above Albert Dock Sign By Canning Dock

A Sleeping Giant 

The overall Title of these four uploads is “Sleeping Giant”.

Images 0673 and 0685 I have called “Siesta At Sunset”. In Images 0673 & 0685, the Giant is in the right hand corner.

The Giant is depicted on his raft inside the Canning Dock.

Taken at different times I have linked all four images together because,

The Giant is sleeping on the raft hence the title “Sleeping Giant”

1064 (Sleeping in Raft, two boats near by)

0685(Siesta At Sunset, Closer)

0673 (Siesta At Sunset, Wider)  
1073 (Goodnight)

1064 Sleeping In Raft, Two Boats Near By

0685 Siesta At Sunset (Closer)

0673 Siesta At Sunset (Wider)

1073 Goodnight