Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Awareness Shoot Liverpool Town Hall 17/1/17

Portrait Awareness Shoot For #Bloodwise_uk
Liverpool Town Hall 17/1/17
©David Lydiate


I want to raise awareness for #Bloodwise_uk through social media.
The more “tags” I can use in my pictures the more awareness raised.
Tagging Liverpool Town Hall will allow an even greater audience to see the pictures. The Bloodwise logo will appear in the border of the photographs, all Bloodwise contact details will appear in the text about the shoot. The girl who posed for me also held a Bloodwise collection bucket in some of the pictures taken.

Liverpool Town Hall
High St
233 3020
Specific Part Of Location:- Small Ballroom, Large Ballroom Balconies and Staircase

Liverpool Town Hall Staff were very cooperative and welcoming by allowing me to take pictures
inside the building.

Bloodwise Charity Details
39-40 Eagle St London
020 7504 2200
Support Line People affected By Blood Cancer
0808 2080 888 Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm or email support@bloodwise.co.uk)
For Fundraising Enquiries
020 7504 2215 9am – 5pm or email hello@bloodwise.co.uk