Thursday 30 September 2010

Extracts from Diary 2010 (C)David Lydiate

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The Making Of This Is Liverpool 2010 - A Photographic Diary
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The Making Of This Is Liverpool 2010 - A Photographic Diary

The making of this project has lasted 12months, effectively starting October 2009.
I wanted to express my passion for the city in words as well as pictures, by including different angles of subject matters, other than those displayed.

The biggest challenge was deciding upon my final selection, but if I had selected 140 images to be mounted, there would of still been topics that I would not have been able to include. This city is just too good, Bessie Braddock, Kitty Wilkinson and of course the War Hero Noel Chavasse were obvious choices to include. John Lennon gets two mentions, the statue depicting the era of when he went solo taken in Clayton square shopping centre and when he was with the Beatles, taken in Cavern Walks shopping Centre. I hope you enjoy reading this. The Diary actually starts from January 2010.

In recent years I have needed inspiration to “fight the fight”, The City Of Liverpool has been an inspiration to me for living life to the full since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 9 years ago, overcome a relapse in my first 6 months of being diagnosed. I have fought a rare and deadly form of Leukaemia twice in the space of 3 years 2004 & 2007. This great city has the right name Liverpool. This city has inspired me to Live!!!

A visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral included taking pictures of The Nativity Scene and views from a balcony within the interior were also depicted. The Metropolitan Cathedral provided me with a blaze of colour.

The stunning Georgian Architecture was recorded in Rodney St

Liverpool’s glorious Pier head continues to amaze me, the three graces were depicted from The Dock Road.

17th March Lowlands was depicted, a great building with a tremendous history built in the 19th century. I photographed the rear of the building from the grounds of a night, the objective was to capture the building in a spooky Atmosphere (see exhibition display, more details of which will be announced soon).
The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of Liverpool’s most Iconic Buildings, with it’s stark white Wigwam design and distinctive pointed roof. It was important to show how Liverpool has complemented its manmade surroundings with the additions of natural life, therefore I included plants and trees as part of the composition.
(see exhibition display, more details of which will be announced soon).

The Lady Lever Art Gallery was depicted in Port Sunlight, a beautiful building set in beautiful surroundings, I “painted with light” to highlight the fountains that faced The Lady Lever Art Gallery.
Liverpool1 shopping complex has an arresting photogenic quality, in late April fountains were depicted at the back Liverpool1 shopping complex. I photographed the fountains close at ground level then from Chavasse Park, looking down on them. Overall views were also taken of the shopping complex and views from Chavasse Park depicting The Albert Dock. I continued with the theme of views, by composing the Modern Developments when overlooking the Pier Head, topics such as Beetham Tower, The Port Of Liverpool Building and The Museum Of Liverpool were recorded, shown in exhibition.
Below Liverpool1

The University Complex was photographed on Brownlow Hill and the School of Engineering Building, it was a pleasure to record the stunning lighting system designed for the exterior of the School Of Engineering Building. The Home Of Liverpool photographer Chambre Hardman was also recorded, 59 Rodney St. The exterior of 59 Rodney St was ideal to use in mono because the Georgian Architecture in mono communicated, “stepping back in time” (Used In Black And White City Poster).
Kitty Wilkinson did a lot for the city’s health, so it was an obvious decision to record an image of her in a stain glass window, that can be found in The Lady Chapel Of The Anglican Cathedral, the main interior of The Lady Chapel was also recorded.
It was a pleasure to photograph inside the grounds of St Nicks Church, further evidence of how the city has natural evidence to complement man-made features.
The addition of The Ferris Wheel by the Echo Arena has complemented the City.
The Kings Dock Area, adjacent to the Albert Dock is a photographers dream, with a great amount of Scale shown between man made structures with various Architectural styles, another building in this area is the Jurys Inn Hotel, as shown in exhibition.
Below Lighting Scheme, Exterior Of The School Of Engineering

The Summer brings a whole new dimension to Liverpool One, shafts of light and dramatic shadows create impact wherever you look inside the complex, while Chavasse park shimmers in the early evening light (17/6/10). The stunning new frontage to Lime St Station was depicted 24/6/10.
Liverpool One viewed from an ariel perspective, makes the individual aware of the scale and grandeur of the area, particularly overlooking Chavasse Park. A view of The Albert Dock was also captured in July. The Plaza Hotel (former site of old Liverpool Airport, Speeke) was captured 22nd July, the Art deco design of the exterior was a joy to behold.

Speek Hall was captured 12th August, the surroundings and grounds of Speek Hall have been preserved to perfection, which made me feel like I had stepped back in time.
The John and Cecil Moores Statues were recorded.


Liverpool has many great characters. In September the staues of Bill Shankley and Dixie Dean were recorded. Bill Shankley was a legend who started Liverpool FC’s European success! Dixie Dean became an Everton legend after scoring 60 goals in one season (1927-28), a record that stands today!
14/7/09 The Eleanor Rigby statue was photographed, named after the famous Beatles song and sculptured by the highly acclaimed Tommy Steele.
The Abbey Pub and All Saints Church, Childwall were depicted mid September, an area which appealed to me due to the unique tranquil atmosphere at night

September Continued

The River Mersey has it’s own special atmosphere at dusk when the sun sets through low moody grey clouds under a dark sky, this dusk atmosphere was a photographers dream for me in late September, when the nights began to “draw in” and The Liverpool’s River Mersey portrayed an individual mystique, while tourists walked around the Pier Head Canal and Seagulls were captured in flight above the water in the distance Cammell Laird provided a strong and bold iconic focal point in the distance, Birkenhead.

The Mansion House At Crofton, Mossley Hill is an example of fine and restored architecture set in lush green surroundings, a stunning location to photograph. (another image has been chosen for the exhibition display)


A very rewarding month, to have my exhibition (This Is Liverpool) at The Atrium, Liverpool Echo And Daily Post, Old Hall St meant a lot to me, as I achieved my objective of raising money and awareness for Leukaemia Research through photography.

The staff at the Atrium were very helpful, and I can not thank them enough!!!!!!
The staff allowed me to have official Red Leukaemia Research collection buckets at The Exhibition, so people could make donations to the charity as well as buy mounted prints, the generosity shown by people who made donations and bought prints was unbelievable.

Once again I would like to thank Amy Jackson, Miss Liverpool 2010 for opening the exhibition. Of course she is beautiful and an absolute stunner, but she is a very nice considerate person who was a pleasure to meet and talk to. Amy should you get the chance to read this, thank you very much and long may your success continue!!!!!

During this month I still managed to take pictures of The great city of Liverpool, the Albany Building on Old Hall St was one of the buildings photographed.


Work used in “Heroes And Villains” DVD by Liverpool Historian Frank Carlyle, as specail slide show chapter.
Chavasse Park takes on a new identity in November as Autumn begins to turn into winter.
Image below taken 15/11/10
Chavasse Park, Liverpool1, Left Of Frame :-Hilton Hotel


The colour of and warmth of Christmas creates a special  atmosphere in Liverpool.
Lord St Liverpool 15/12/10

Lord St Liverpool 15/12/10

Liverpool1 (North Star) 15/12/10

Liverpool1, Hilton Hotel (Left), One Park West Building (Right) 
Playhouse Theatre Queens Square

Lord St Liverpool 15/12/10
(Close Up World In One City)
My Final statement 2010
I look back on this year with a lot of satisfaction, a year where there has been many high points for me. It was the City’s Year Of Health and Well Being And Leukaemia Research celebrated 50 years as a charity, it was a privilege to hold my exhibition at The Atrium in The Liverpool Echo & Daily Post building, it was the ideal venue to raise awareness and money for Leukaemia Research.
A Year In Pictures 2010
A review of my year in 2010, some pictures you have seen some you wont have, plus a look at what I am planning for the future.

Other Images Which narrowly missed out on being mounted at Exhibition

 (written and posted Oct 2010)

Granada Television News Studios, Main Entrance Albert Dock

Lady Chapel Anglican Cathedral

Bluecoat Gardens
The Bluecoat Gardens, provide peace and tranquility away from the day to day city life

Metropolitan “Christ The King” Cathedral, Interior, Taken At Ground Level
The Metropolitan Cathedral Interior Aways Provides A Blaze Of Colour

Cavern Walks, Mathew St
Liverpool1 Lake, fountains & St John's Beacon, At Back Of Complex
Below Photographs Of Statues In Walker Art Gallery
So Much To Discover In This Great Cultural City Liverpool

 Empire Theatre
Photographed Below with Wellington's Column and St George's Hall On left

A Vertical Shot Of Empire Theatre Liverpool

St John's Gardens

Wellington's Column & Steble Fountain
St John's Beacon

St George's Hall - Grand Hall
St George's Hall - Concert Room
Albert Dock, St John's Beacon In Background Towards Right
Captain Johnnie Walker Statue, Pier Head Liverpool
Ferry Terminal Building
Liver Building Over Looking Skyscrapers

Below A View Looking Towards Birkenhead, Taken From The Pier Head, Taken At Sunset

Sunday 26 September 2010

What Liverpool Means To Me

In recent years I have needed inspiration to “fight the fight”, The City Of Liverpool has been an inspiration to me for living life to the full since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 9 years ago, overcome a relapse in my first 6 months of being diagnosed. I have fought a rare and deadly form of Leukaemia (Acute myeloid leukemia (AML),  twice in the space of 3 years 2004 & 2007. This great city has the right name Liverpool. This city has inspired me to Live!!!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Liverpool, Photography, Leukaemia Research

Photographing The City Of Liverpool to raise awairness and money for Leukaemia Research 

(C)David Lydiate

Photographing The City Of Liverpool, to raise money and awairness for Leukaemia Research.

(C)David Lydiate
(C)David Lydiate

(C)David Lydiate
(C)David Lydiate