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Karen Johnson The Author 10/9/16

Karen Johnson The Author 10/9/16

Karen Johnson 

Karen Johnson Author of “Out Of The Corner” re-launched 2015 posed for “Pretty Woman And Liverpool III” a project used to raise awareness for #Bloodwise_uk.
Locations used were Albert Dock And Kings Dock in Liverpool.
The shoot was very successful and I have decided to make a separate album/link with more images taken from the shoot. Karen has given me fantastic loyal support and makes the time for me whenever she can the paragraphs below are more about her and The World Humanity Commission.
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About The Author

Karen's role Role is Honorary Deputy Minister UK safeguarding women and social care World Humanity commission WHC Supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse and FGM Giving support advise , guidance , confidence , self esteem , motivation , determination , self love , belief and freedom. This is her mission And Passion The  'Out Of The Corner' Group can be found on 

World Humanity Commission Details

Headquarter India

Photographs Of Karen Johnson 

Photographer David Lydiate

I have suffered a rare and deadly form of Leukaemia twice(Acute Promyelocytic  Myeloid Leukaemia) , my photography is my way of “giving something back”, after all the life saving treatment that was given to me. I also have Multiple Sclerosis. (since 2001). A chaperone who drives me to the destination of each assignment and helps me set up equipment. I use a wheelchair on assignments.
I am an official supporter of The #Bloodwise_UK Charity. I have had public exhibitions in Central Library William Brown St Liverpool, The Atrium Liverpool Echo Building Old Hall St Liverpool and recently The Small Ballroom Town Hall Liverpool, I plan ahead. 

Bloodwise Charity Details

39-40 Eagle St London
020 7504 2200
Support Line People affected By Blood Cancer
0808 2080 888 Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm or email
For Fundraising Enquiries
020 7504 2215 9am – 5pm or email 

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