Monday, 18 July 2016

Toni Waterson Central Library Liverpool 4/7/16

Toni Waterson
Central Library Liverpool 4/7/16
William Brown St
L3 8EW


The objective of the shoot was to raise awareness for @Bloodwise_uk
I am an official supporter of #Bloodwise_uk Top model Toni Waterson has agreed to become “The Face Of My Work”.
Pictures are taken in Liverpool alongside popular landmarks and inside well known interiors. I had photographed architecture for many years and wanted to add a new dimension to my work, highlighting the charity I support to a greater audience.
The more “tags” I generate, “likes” and favourites I receive from Social Media, the more attention is drawn to the charity I support.
In Photographs on Central Library Balcony St Johns Beacon and St Georges Hall are shown in the background and the green folage from the trees in St Johns Gardens.
The interior images (Further below) were taken in The Hornby Library.
Special thanks to Top Model Toni Waterson for posing voluntary
and foir Central Library Liverpool for letting me use the venue.


Taken In Hornby Library

Photographer :-©David Lydiate
Model:-Toni Waterson
Venue:-Central Library Liverpool

Charity Details
020 7504 2200
 Bloodwise, 39-40 Eagle Street, London WC1R 4TH.

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